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Sky Diving

The best things in life God placed on the other side of fear. 

With my selection of hobbies, I often get asked if I have a death wish.  Not at all.  It is exactly the opposite, I want to see and experience everything that life has to offer so I actively pursue going everywhere and doing as many things as possible.  While sky diving is certainly a higher risk recreational sport than most, it is not nearly as intimidating as it first appears and is literally quite the ride. Besides it can be quite a good life de-stressor... after hurling your body out of a plane at 4000 meters and going into free fall all of your problems suddenly seem very insignificant.

Overall this is a great sport to try for any adrenaline junkie and not as daunting as it seems.  Listen to the instructors, focus on the jumps, and have fun seeing the world from all new angles!

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