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Sky Diving- Accelerated Free Fall

If you love the exhilaration of tandem skydiving, completing the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) course is the next step.  This consists of 7 jumps that progressively place responsibility for all actions on you as the jumper.  


After completing hours of classroom training on the fundamentals of skydiving and practicing emergency procedures, you are off to prep for your first jump.  The initial three jumps have two instructors jumping with you to help stabilize your fall and ensure that nothing goes wrong while you try to maintain control of the panic and remember to follow the proper procedures.


Each jump adds basic skills to include turning, back flipping, and tracking while the instructor becomes increasingly hands off to build your confidence.  I literally never felt prepared for any jump but was replaying the sequence continually in my head as the plane climbed before each jump.


After successfully completing all 7 levels of AFF it is time to go up and make the jump completely on your own.  Not much changes from the 7th AFF jump, but the pressure is on because no one is there to help.  It is a simple jump with only practice pulls and no maneuvers, but I could not help myself letting out a happy yell upon properly landing my first solo jump. 

Average Cost- $1,300-$2,500

Training- Ground safety course  (6-8 hours) is completed prior to jumping with your instructors

Find a Drop Zone- google a DZ that offers the course or find one through the USPA affiliates here

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