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Top 10 Adventures in Africa

Few places on earth can offer as diverse and memorable experiences as those found in Africa. From vibrant bustling markets to lush rainforests, safaris to world class scuba diving, this continent is teeming with new experiences, cultures, and cuisines waiting to explore. Watch sunsets at historical landmarks like the Great Pyramids of Giza and see the magnificent animal migrations witnessed in documentaries come to life. Push the adventure factor to the limit dangling over one of the world’s largest waterfalls with millions of gallons pouring over the edge all around you and have personal encounters with some of the most legendary animals on the planet in their home habitats. Choose one or go on them all for experiences to last a lifetime!

Feed Cheetahs in Namibia

Meet the world’s fastest land animal up close and personal on a cruise through the open lands north of Windhoek. The cheetahs are familiar enough with safari trucks to know that they are about to get a big dinner, enticing them out of the brush to circle the vehicles. Stay at a local guest farm that offers cheetah feedings, horseback riding safaris and a full feast of locally hunted game. From there launch on a road trip across the country to explore the breathtaking expanse of the Kalahari Deserts or venture up the massive sand dunes in Sossusvlei and see the striking dead trees in Deadvlei.

Explore the Luxor Temple in Egypt

The magnificent ruins from ancient Egypt make this an easy choice with the Great Pyramids and renown museum in Cairo, to the sites of the massive lighthouse and the Library of Alexandria, there are endless places to glimpse the center of glory from a bygone era. Stepping off the plane in Luxor though feels like truly feels like taking a step back in time. It lacks the massive metropolitan city vibes and overcrowded streets from Cairo and Alexandria and instead offers an inside look at the daily lives of Egyptians both past and present. The magnificent Luxor Temple, the Valley of the Kings with King Tut's ornate tomb, and the expansive Queen Hatshepsut Temple make this city a highlight of the country! If time permits, take a cruise on the Nile to see many of the ancient cities from Alexandria down to Aswan.

Scuba diving in the Seychelles

This archipelago offers some of the most pristine beaches in the world on islands that are scattered across the Indian Ocean. The islands are a popular honeymoon destination with their fabulous resorts and restaurants, but they offer far more than romantic sunsets and beautiful hiking trails. They are also famous for crystal clear turquoise waters which are teeming with abundant maritime life. Many of the best spots in la Digue and Praslin for diving or snorkeling are a quick ferry ride from the entry point and largest island, Mahé. Don’t miss visiting the Takamaka Rum distillery and sampling some of their tasty variety of local made rum!

Climb to the “Roof of Africa”

In the heart of Africa between Tanzania and Kenya, the massive Kilimanjaro rises far above the vast sprawling plains. As the highest summit in Africa it is one of the famed Seven Summits drawing climbers and adventure enthusiasts from around the world. With several trails from both sides that vary in length, steepness, and views along the way, there are many options to make the trek up. Reaching the summit as the sun breaks over the horizon makes all the hard hours of climbing melt away. Pair the climb with a safari or a trip to relax on the beaches in Zanzibar to maximize time spent in the region.