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Mt. Elbrus Packing List

Below is a recommend packing list for Mt. Elbrus which is mostly all required gear that you must have with you before departing.  Due to how expensive some of the items are and how rarely I plan on using them, I opted to rent them on the mountain which are marked by single asterisk*. 

Travel Documents 

 -Valid passport with Russian Visa

 -Travel and medical insurance- required for most companies

 -U.S. cash and Credit Card- there is an ATM directly beside the ski lift at the bottom of the mountain

Essential Items 

• Gore-text Waterproof Jacket & Insulation Layer (down “puffy” jacket)

• Synthetic trekking pants ( I brought my rain/snow pants and windproof pants)

• 1 Waterproof, breathable & windproof jacket- mine from Columbia has worked through many rainy days hiking! 

 • 1 Waterproof, breathable & windproof pants- I used new ones from North Face that were excellent

• Mountaineering boots* and camp shoes

• Undergarments: socks, underwear, undershirts

• Top and bottoms- Thermal Underwear (non-cotton)

• Gaiters- I brought these but never actually used them

• Midweight gloves and external waterproof thick gloves

Balaclava and beanie

• Heavyweight or expedition weight socks

• Backpack for ascent- 25-30 liters and must have loops for ice axe

• Sunglasses (100% UV protection) and Ski Goggles

• Sunscreen lotion and chapstick

• Head lamp (with extra batteries)

• Crampons*

• Climbing equipment: harness, slings, ice axe, 3 locking carabiners*

• Insulated water bottles

• Personal first-aid kit and toiletries

• Trekking poles

• Sleeping bag for temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius*

Hiking Gear

•1 Pair of shorts 

•2 Pairs hiking pants 

•1-2 Long Sleeve warm shirts 

• Shower shoes/flip-flops

• Baseball cap or hat with a brim

• Towel and wet wipes

Medical and First Aid

 • Headache tablets/Painkillers 

 • Altitude sickness-Diamox (if not allergic to sulpha), Nausea – Valoid 

 • Abrasions, blisters, and cuts –bandages, moleskin, hydrogen peroxide wipes 

 • Eye drops 

Optional Items 

 • Camera 

 • Battery charger

 • Sports drinks for the climb (Mio Energy or Gatorade powder) 

 • Pocket knife 

 • Reading book, notebook & pencil, or cards for rest day

 • Compression bags to keep clothing airtight

 • Hand Warmers- for summit morning

• Flag to show patriotism at the top!

***Any required climbing equipment can be rented at Mt. Elbrus.


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