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Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on your List!

Each year as the holiday season rolls in it can be stressful to think of the perfect gift for everyone on your list- no matter how well you know them. Here is a full gift guide for every type of person you will be shopping for this year to help spark ideas of great gifts- or send this list to others to give them several suggestions of categories that you would like to receive. Each category has a range of recommendations to suit both men and women, a fun mix of presents and activities, and ideas for all price ranges. Click on a category below to jump to a specific section or start scrolling!

The Adventurer

For the people who are constantly seeking new adventures, that love exploring the outdoors, and the fans of all things hiking- the Adventurer list.

Hiking Boots- the Merrell Mid Hiking boots have been my favorite pair for years! I have used them to hike Kilimanjaro and Patagonia. They are waterproof, but also dry incredibly fast after they have been soaked when river crossing or in heavy rains.

Throwing axes/knives- going axe throwing has become increasingly popular with businesses popping up in many cities. This is a fun activity to got to an axe-throwing lane or get a mini kit like this one and set it up at home to do with friends or family in the backyard.

Water Shoes- I discovered these water shoes this year when hiking around Hawaii and used them for a variety of trails that had multiple stream crossings and waterfalls. They were also fantastic for protecting my feet while cliff jumping. They drain fast and sand and pebbles clean out easily.

Jet Boil- this is a camping essential. I got hooked on jet boils for making coffee in the field for training exercises but now primarily use it for cooking meals during multi-day hikes. Get the basic jet boil to use for all your camping needs or pair it with other accessories like the pot support or french press to make life a bit more comfortable in the outdoors.

Dry Bags- these are great for staying organized while traveling and keeping everything dry for outdoor sports like kayaking or hiking. Dry bags are extremely handy for protecting things in many situations.

Anti-Theft Backpack- one of my favorite discoveries this year was the PACSAFE anti-theft backpack with numerous features built in to prevent theft/pickpocketing, plus RFID blocking pockets to keep credit cards and IDs safe through the interlocking zippers and cut proof material. It is a great size for a travel backpack and holds all the essentials.

The Wine-O

For the friend who loves to enjoy a few drinks to keep the holidays filled with some extra cheer or they just enjoy a glass or two at special times throughout the year, we all have a favorite wine enthusiast!

Advent Calendars- why should the fun of advent calendars be reserved for kids? Celebrate each day of the festive season with a few sips of your favorite flavors. I received this gift a few years ago and it is one of my favorite decorations/traditions to this day!

Camping Wine Cooler- leave the heavy bottles at home and bring this adorable wine cooler with you on camping trips or just an afternoon walk around the park. It provides easy storage for several mini glasses and the small stand makes it easy to pour.

Electric Bottle Opener- save the struggle of a opening a difficult bottle of wine with this convenient gadget. This rechargeable device easily removes corks in seconds from almost any wine bottle.

Wine Decanter with an Aerator- improve the taste of any bottle served with this double-layer filter that helps remove impurities and aerate wine. Decanting from the bottle aerates the wine which releases richer aromas and flavors. This double system reduces the typical longer wait-time of other decanters down to only 3-5 minutes.

Wine Cooler Refrigerator- Set the temperature and let the wine cooler do the rest! With a built-in fan that maintains a consistent temperature throughout, this cooler ensures an optimal environment for long-term wine storage to protect your favorite bottles!

Liquid IV- these hydration packets bring me back to life after a night of having a few extra glasses. They are a great-tasting, non-GMO electrolyte drink mix that deliver hydration to the bloodstream faster and more efficiently than water alone. Also with every purchase made they donate a serving to someone in need around the world. Liquid I.V. provides much-needed hydration in disaster zones, hospitals, impoverished communities, and emergency living quarters across the globe.

Go Wine Tasting- this is one of my favorite things to do when visiting a new destination or when I'm planning a fun activity to do with friends. Plan a day trip to sample some wines and enjoy time with your favorite wine-o!

The Techy Trend Setter

For the friend who always shops the coolest new trends in tech and has the best gadgets around their home- the techy list.

Projector- turn any wall into a big screen tv! There are a wide number of projectors on the market that can turn any space into a home theater as well as portable ones to set up your own outdoor screen and theater for a fun way to enjoy movies in the backyard.

Vinyl Record Player- my first item for my new house is one of these beautiful Victrola record players that makes it easy to enjoy classic vinyls. They offer a variety of traditional and sleek modern looks in all sizes. I have one of the portable versions which also makes it easy to move throughout the house or pack along for a long weekend trip!

Battery pack- this is a travel essential! Being able to recharge on the go can provide peace of mind that your phone won't give out when you need it most. One of these saved the day right before I summited Kilimanjaro so that I could snap a few pictures at the top.

Stabilized Recorder- get top quality filming on the go with this lightweight device while you walk. It automatically corrects the shaking of your hand to prevent blurry filming so you can produce high-quality video footage.

The Jet Setter

Obviously one of my favorite categories, this one is designed for those who love escaping the routine to travel around the world and chase the next destination.

Cozy Sweats- nothing beats staying relaxed and comfortable on long flights around the world. Lululemon stays at the top of the game for making professional looking lounge wear to suit all your needs for at home or on the go.

World Map- this wall decoration is one of the most beautiful pieces to display the world and likely spark conversations of favorite places traveled and where is next on the list.

Globe Bar Cart Cabinet- this old school wooden globe doubles as a beautiful decoration and a convenient place to store bottles. It is a lovely bar cart that is a perfect place to keep special bottles brought back from around the world.

Leather Travel Wallet- another classic item is a leather wallet or passport holder that protects your important documents and cards while on the road.

Weekender Travel Bag- having the right size of weekender bag is key to avoiding extra airline fees for oversized luggage while skirting the line to maximize as much as you can fit. Extra pockets inside to stay organized is always a plus!

Gerber multi-tool- having a great tool is another basic item that is always handy and usually needs to be upgraded. While carrying a gerber around on a black belt isn't an apex of cool like it was in the military, I still keep one on hand for the many practical uses.

Personalized Hygiene Bag- get initials added to one of these rugged hygiene bags for a great personalized gift that can be used daily and is definitely a travel necessity.

Go explore- one of the ultimate gifts you could give to your world traveler is more memories out seeing the world. Look up deals on flights to a place they haven't been and surprise them with tickets and an adventure!

The Basic B*tch

For the friend who is the first to announce the arrival of autumn in Lululemon sweatpants, Ugg boots, and an essential Pumpkin Spice Latte, give her everything she needs to live her best life.

Candles- obviously a top choice for any list and a gift that is guaranteed to deliver with the addition of a sarcastic label tailored to them. Perfect for your queens who tend to run out of f*cks to give.

Bathtub & Couch Caddy Tray- A multi-use caddy is convenient for reading a book while soaking in the tub, enjoying breakfast in bed, or eating a late dinner on the couch. This bathtub tray is an expandable piece that accommodates up to two people so you can set the mood and relax with a date night in as well.

Massage Kit- everything you need for a professional style massage in the comfort of your own home with all the essential oils and hot stones. Bonus points for IOU massage coupons to go with the set. If that seems like too much work, book a massage or spa day for them at a local spot.

Weighted Blanket- these blankets are designed to improve the quality of sleep, promote melatonin production, and lower anxiety levels. They are perfect for staying cozy on the couch or getting a great night of sleep. They come in a wide variety of sizes and weights.

Eye Masks- get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes with these refreshing gold eye masks. These mini masks are designed to rejuvenate tired eyes and work best if stored in the refrigerator to provide a cold refreshing treatment.

LED Mirror- After picking the best skin care products and makeup, it comes down to how you apply them and these mirrors allow you to see all of the finer details in order to look your best. They are a great addition to a bathroom mirror, which can get the job done, but LED makeup mirrors provide great magnification and perfect lighting to nail a look.

Bubble Bath Set- this is a great mix of all the best products to make a relaxing and cozy bath to soak away the stress of the world.

The Over-Caffeinated

For the friend that can't quite string a sentence together until they complete at least their second cup of morning joe and live off iced coffee in the summer.

Milk Frother- up your Latte, Cappuccino or Macchiato game with an electric frother. Make delicious creamy froth for your drinks at home without a trip to your local coffee shop with your very own executive frother.

Espresso Machine- having a high quality espresso machine is another great addition to any kitchen. Save the price tag of visiting expensive coffee shops by being able to whip up the best coffee drinks from the comfort of your home.

International Coffee Club- from the world's most prominent coffee producing countries to coffees you can't find anywhere else––this company curates the top 1% of the world's best coffee and sends it to your doorstep. They roast each batch to accentuate flavors unique to the region.

Chemex Pour-Over- one of the easiest and quickest ways to make a great cup of coffee is with this Chemex pour over. For coffee aficionados it is a great way to expand their coffee brewing capabilities without cluttering a small kitchen.

Travel Mug French Press- this has been one of my favorite mugs over the years as it delivers a single great serving of coffee that is already ready to go in the mug without requiring any additional clean-up in the kitchen.

Coffee Grinder- having a good coffee bean grinder is another coffee-lover necessity to make the most rich and fresh cup of coffee.

Go on a coffee date- find the closest quaint cafe or look up a nearby coffee roastery to sample some of the best local coffee production.

The Fitness Freak

For the friend that isn't having a good day until they crush a good workout and immediately start daydreaming about their next sweat sesh.

Rowing machine- this is great for home gyms or the garage as they can be used in a large variety of workouts from cardio to popular HIIT training. They can be easily stored in a corner without requiring a large amount of space to set up.

Resistance Work-out Bands- this was one of my first online orders during the pandemic for jump starting some basic home equipment. They are easy to pack as they roll up very small and are lightweight which makes them great for traveling.

Jump Rope- this is another lightweight and easy to pack workout item! They are great to get your heart rate up or to incorporate into any workout.

Apple Airpods- a great set of headphones to tune the world out (or the heavy breathing of the person working out beside you in the gym) is a necessity for most fitness freaks. These have been one of my favorite sets for the gym, running, and traveling.

Peloton- although the peloton craze that swept the world during the pandemic has definitely cooled off, this is still a great piece of equipment to get a workout in from home with the variety of fitness plans they offer.

Go paint-balling- this is a fun activity to schedule for all ages and there are a wide variety of courses to go to with friends or families.

Go rock climbing- whether you are new to the sport or are looking for more creative workouts, hitting a rock climbing gym is a great way to learn new skills and burn a lot of calories.

The Fashionista

For the friend who looks put together at all times, from their flawless face to their perfectly planned outfits, help them add a few items to their already full closets.

Monthly Beauty Box- get a gift that keeps on delivering the best of beauty throughout the year! These fun boxes bring so many skincare products to sample and try each month.

Designer bags- shop luxury bags that are gently used from all the top brands on this veteran-owned platform. You can up the experience with an online personal shopping guide to help you find exactly the right brand, price range, and style to meet what you are looking for.

Dress shopping- This year Bella Barnett has become my go to online retailer for dresses that are perfect for any occasion. The quality of the material and the prices for the dresses are some of the best deals I have found online and the sizes actually match the description perfectly. Get a 15% discount on all purchases by using 15brie.

Everything you need- Shein is my favorite store for purchasing very affordable clothes and accessories. The quality for the price is surprisingly good which makes it easy to get a lot of new styles to try out. From the gold collar necklace in this photo to an obnoxious Hawaiian shirt and shorts outfit, they have so many great options at the right price.

Shoes- London Rag has been another recent discovery of online retailers that provide accurate size description and good quality products. They have every type of boots, sandals and classic pumps and they frequently update their styles.

Rings- add some sparkle to your life with one of these beautiful rings. I absolutely love both of these rings from MSBLUE and they definitely compliment any outfit!

The Family-Lover

For the friend or parent that loves to sport the proud parent of a high school honor student bumper sticker on their car and keep their family front and center in their lives.

Personalized 2023 Calendar- find the most cherished family photos and make a calendar full of happy memories. It is a great way to showcase recent photos without adding unnecessary clutter around the house.

Organic Soap Set- shop online or find a local soap maker for delicious smelling organic soap rather than the standard store bought variety.

Smart Picture Frame- email photos directly to the picture frame from anywhere and they arrive in seconds. This minimizes clutter by allowing all the newest photos to be displayed and updated frequently without requiring more wall space.

Hanging Indoor Plants- one of the best ways to freshen up a space is by adding plants to the indoor decorations. Hanging plants are a beautiful touch to any room in the house.

Tie Bar gift set- The Black Bow Tie Box Gift Set makes a great gift for dad's or the men in your family which are perfect for special occasions as they come with a tie, tie clip, and pock square to complete any dapper look.

The Foodie

For the friend that always has the best restaurant recommendations and still can't stop talking about that one amazing meal they had 5 years ago.

Truffle Salt- this is one of my favorite items to cook with as it combines two of the best flavors- salt and truffles! It also makes a great stocking stuffer for those who love to add something extra to their dishes.

Sushi Making Set- making sushi rolls and sashimi from home is a fun way to learn something new and cut back on expensive visits to restaurants. This kit includes everything you need to get started.

Knife Set- a great knife set or an upgraded version will always be a plus for the friend or family member who enjoys sharing their love of cooking with others.

Add a sharpening tool with the knife set for a perfect combo.

Wooden Cutting Board/Charcuterie Board- having a large wooden cutting board that can double as a charcuterie board is great for those who love to host. And if you go to the brunches where they serve the charcuterie board, everybody wins!

Air Fryer- these are another recently popular item as an alternative to frying foods and a great way to try new recipes and eat a little healthier.

Activities- get a membership for a Masterclass or try a local cooking class to expand the horizon on the menu and try out new recipes and cooking techniques.

Another fabulous option is giving a gift card to that new restaurant they have been wanting to visit or if you really want to out-do yourself, make a dinner reservation at a Michelin Restaurant for some of the best food you have ever tasted.

The Yogi

For the friend who loves an excuse to live in yoga pants and is impressively bendy. They likely practice meditation and say things like namaste and asana.

Yoga Bag- built to carry all the essentials for a yoga practice. It has a large main pocket for a yoga mat, water bottle, towel and sunglasses plus a small interior zipper pocket for holding keys, a wallet, and phone.

Gratitude Journal- this helps center your day around positive feelings and gratitude, providing a perfect place to record and celebrate anything that you are grateful for. This 90-day journal helps create a habit of daily gratitude to carry with you throughout your life. Cultivating gratitude is one of the most important mindfulness exercises, and thankfulness has proven to have a positive effect on a person's mental health and general well-being.

Meditation Cushion- Designed specifically for meditation and yoga, use this thick floor cushion as a prop for specific yoga poses, to ease you into meditation or as a seat for working at a low table. Made from soft velvet with a lovely mandala pattern, this yoga pillow fits with many decorative styles and doubles as an accent piece for your home or yoga studio.

Aromatherapy Candles- Enriched with premium lavender and sage fragrances, this candle is perfect for promoting sleep and relieving anxiety, depression and stress.

Minimalist Line Art- abstract women- This home decor is made of canvas which is lightweight and durable. This artwork is from Gronda who shows female characteristics with minimalist lines which tried to bring out the best in women.

Cork yoga mat- this100% natural and sustainable cork mat with Sakura motif is an ideal helper for comfortable exercise. It is biodegradable, anti-bacterial and sustainable. The 3.5 mm thickness provides high performance support and extra comfort as well as the anti-slip surface on both sides.

Activities- get a set of yoga classes or a membership to get started into yoga or to explore a unique type like hot yoga or yoga on Stand-Up Paddle-boards.

The Motivator

For the friend who is always working on self-improvement and chasing big dreams through putting in the work.

Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi is one of my favorite books of the year! He does an excellent job of breaking down why and how building a strong network is so important for all aspects of life. It highlights the importance of building genuine relationships and connecting others to help yourself and those around you. Over-all a great book and author!

Yearly Planner- The durable soft faux leather cover is environmentally friendly and is perfect for planning ahead. I use these every year (for 5 years now!) to plan out months in advance and stay organized with my weekly and monthly plans.

Atomic Habits by James Clear is the first book I read every year to refocus how I spend my time in order to achieve my goals and invest my time wisely. It is great for outlining the habits you need to build or remove and it is a useful book whether it is the 1st or 7th time you read it!

Habit Tracker- this would be an excellent combination gift with Atomic Habits as you build habits to support your goals. It has fun ways to track your goals and measure progress each month to keep you organized and motivated.

Tickets to TED talks- watching the best of TED talks on YouTube is one of my favorite ways to spark new ideas or approaches but it would be even better to go to an event in person and have the chance to network with some inspiring people. Check out their page to see if there are any events near you!

Gym membership or any of the items from the fitness freak or Yogi section are also great gift ideas for you motivator!


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