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Achieving 2019's Health & Fitness Goals

While I am certainly not a believer in the "New Year, New You" mentality, I do believe that a fresh start can go a long way in getting refocused on goals, which is easier to do when they are associated with a memorable date such as the beginning of a new year. Since losing weight and exercising more are two of the most common aspirations for people who make New Year's Resolutions, I have put together a one month plan to help start you on your way towards achieving that goal with an exercise routine and dieting three days out of seven. Be sure to enjoy the built in rest and relaxed nutrition days, as they make sticking with the plan for the whole month more achievable. It is not overly strict so that you will not feel deprived and thus less likely to binge and more motivated to stick with it.

Feel free to make adjustments to suit your specific goals, but this plan is designed to help lose at least 5-10lbs (varying on weight and current fitness regime) in a steady, healthy way while also toning up overall. Each Wednesday during the month of January I will also be posting short clips of an associated work-out on instagram to demonstrate the exercises. Please tag me in any photos or videos of your workouts as I will be sharing them on my story throughout the month to showcase everyone's hard work and improvements so that we can all encourage each other to keep up for the whole month!

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