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The Glorious US of A

After traveling extensively throughout the world, I will be the first to admit that there are many amazing places around the States that I have yet to explore. However, I have managed to take several road trips across country, lived in a few cities along the eastern seaboard, and visited many of the major cities. Although there are plenty of places I still want to explore and cities I look forward to visiting, here are a few of my favorite cities across my beautiful home country ‘Murica.

New Orleans


This notorious city is loud, rowdy, rough around the edges, and one of the most character-filled cities in America. It is where I saw my first NFL game and cheered my favorite team on to victory (Go Saints!!). Despite Hurricane Katrina’s destruction of the city in 2005, the city has since rallied and rebuilt much of the destroyed properties. Famous for its Cajun cuisine and raucous festivities along Canal Street, this is one of the United States most historical and colorful places to visit. Several years after I visited New Orleans for the first time, I decided to catch a red eye flight in to NOLA the morning of Mardi Gras to spend 24 hours in the city and join in on one of the world’s most famous Fat Tuesday celebrations. The whirlwind of a day was one of my favorites and despite the reputation that the city has for complete debauchery, which is definitely warranted, the main streets maintained relatively tame compared to any normal weekend in the city. The character, good natured people, colorful Canal Street, and the enticing Cajun food are just a few of the many to visit New Orleans.

Highlights of the city:

-Breakfast at Café du Monde and enjoying their world famous beignets

-Cheer the Saints on to victory at a game in the Superdome

-Enjoy a grenade from a plastic cup while wandering the area courtesy of the no open container laws

-Toss beads from the balcony of one of the bars along Canal Street

-Explore the buildings and architecture in the old French Quarter

-Stop at a local restaurant for a spicy Cajun meal or to fill up on Po boys and fried shrimp

-Attend Mardi Gras for the full experience!


With everything that New York City has to offer it is always a great city to explore. Every time I have visited there has been some new fascinating part of NYC or new activity that always provided a bit of glitter in one of America’s most iconic cities. NYC has something to do any time of year, but is especially magical throughout the holidays when it pulls out all the stops for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. After numerous trips over the years, a few of my favorites have been:

-Attending the New Years Eve celebration in Times Square