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Stand Up Paddle Boarding

As with any new activity, it is best to try it out a few times before committing to buying the equipment. Thankfully not much is required for SUP and it is easy to rent in most places, which I have found to be far more convenient especially with moving frequently. There are different boards designed for more specific categories such as recreational paddling, surfing, touring, racing and SUP yoga, but the staff at rental stores will be able to help you select the right one.

The SUP paddle looks similar to a canoe paddle with a tear-drop-shaped blade that angles forward. Most beginners have little difficulty with standing up after starting in a kneeling position and not standing up in one quick motion. Since the boards are large, they are fairly easy to balance on and many come with the leash for your ankle in case you fall off.

After you get the hang of SUP, as mentioned before there are several variations that are worth trying out. While most places only offer recreational boards, yoga SUP is becoming much more popular and there are often groups offering introductory classes in coastal areas. This is yet another fun way to explore an area and get a bit of fresh air and exercise while improving balance!

Tortuga Island, Costa Rica

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