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Scuba Diving Around the World

Underwater Museum in Cancun

During the final semester of my senior year in college, I took a scuba diving class since almost all of my real classes were already completed. Two weeks after graduating I decided last minute to take a one-way flight to Australia for an adventure, so it turns out that timing had been perfect to get scuba certified. Over the next few years I continued moving around the world and scuba diving became one of my favorite activities. Now it is definitely a factor when selecting destinations for trips and I always look for an interesting dive if possible. Although I have done over a hundred dives ranging from world renown reefs to shipwrecks, night dives with massive pufferfish or multiple cave dives in a day, the following are five of my favorites based on their uniqueness, the visibility, diversity of underwater wildlife, and the over-all experience.

1) The Great Barrier Reef

One of the natural wonders of the world as well as one of the most famous diving locations, the Great Barrier Reef was actually one of my first dive trips which set the bar extremely high. The water is simply teeming with every shape and color of fish, coral, turtles, etc. There was not a dull moment on any of the dives with massive Blue Groupers brushing by and spotting several cuddle fish shifting colors to blend in as they swam over. The Great Barrier Reef lives up to all the hype and is definitely a destination that should remain on every avid divers’ bucket list.

2) Underwater Moai

2) Underwater Moai- Located off the southwestern shore of Easter Island, this is one of the more difficult locations to get to in terms of the total flights and travel time to reach the remote island. However, the clear visibility, abundance of sea life, and the famous sunken Moai statue is the reward waiting. The Moai was placed by the local inhabitants out in the ocean as a token of gratitude to the older generations for passing down the skills necessary to live off the sea as well as a sign of respect for everything the water provides. The dive is an extremely simple one, only about 40 meters’ depth and an easy 10-minute boat ride from the coast, but there are plenty of turtles and variety of fish to keep the dive interesting- as if the massive statue is not intriguing enough.

3) Whale Shark Diving