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Get Paid to Travel: From Short Vacations to Summers Abroad

Do you have endless wanderlust but a limited budget to explore? There are so many stunning places to visit around the world, but traveling can be expensive to do full time or even over a few weeks of break.  Here are several ways to travel cheaply with room and board covered (some include additional payment!) while living abroad and having an adventure! 

Sip through France’s Champagne Region by Working in the Vineyards

The Deal- Spend the end of summer in the sun soaked terraces of France helping a winery with their annual grape harvest.  Every year from mid-August to late-September, temporary workers are brought on to help with the harvest process, from one day to the entire harvest season. In exchange for the daily labor provided, the wineries offer meals, champagne or wine, and lodging depending on the length of the stay. While speaking French is beneficial, it is not necessary for most vineyards. Several of the large famous Champagne houses and Wineries are open for this type of temporary work, but it is easier to get hired for the whole season by reaching out directly to one of the smaller locally owned vineyard.

Hike the Dolomites by Harvesting in an Apple Orchard

The Deal- Explore northern Italy by hiking several of the numerous trails weaving through the Dolomites and eating delicious fresh pasta to your heart's content.  The Dolomites are a UNESCO World Heritage site that offers endless picturesque landscapes and rock climbing opportunities, which is a perfect destination for any outdoor enthusiast.  June and July are prime harvest season for the many apple farmers who hire temporary workers for several weeks every summer.  Plan ahead early as these positions typically fill quickly from people throughout the region because they are notoriously well-paid.

Give Back to a Local Community by Working with WWOOF 

The Deal- If you like the idea of making a meaningful contribution while traveling, the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms have opportunities worldwide to live and learn on an organic farm.  The organization was founded to promote sustainable living and connect people from around the world, offering travelers an ethical way to see the world and make a difference. You start by selecting your destination, then join a group you are interested in, find the right host, and voila! You are packing your bags and on your way!

Take me there: WWOOF Opportunities

Surf in Costa Rica by Working in a Hostel

The Deal- Spend a summer honing staff management skills and more importantly, working on surfing techniques while building that summer bronze!  Numerous hostels dot the beaches on both of Costa Rica's coasts, which are constantly looking for staff to manage their desk and bar.  Hostels typically offer room and board in exchange for working several hours a day, leaving plenty of time and days off to explore the lush Arenal Volcano and hot springs region to the north, the famous coffee plantations in the center, or even the sloth sanctuary in Cahuita.

Spend the Summer Sailing by Working for Yacht Week

The Deal- Yacht Week has rapidly become a dream trip for adventurers worldwide. After all, who wouldn’t want to spend a week sailing on a luxury yacht with a group of their friends??  This well-organized company coordinates a full week’s worth of port stops, activities, group dinners, and of course plenty of sailing and snorkeling in crystal clear waters on several routes around the world, leaving their guests without a care in the world!  However, it is possible to enjoy the full experience for an entire summer and even get paid to do it by joining the staff! Photographers, skippers, and hosts are all part of the Yacht Week family that do the behind the scenes work to make each weeks' trip a memorable and magical experience.

Live in Rural Cambodia by Teaching English

The Deal- Countries around the world hire English teachers to augment their permanent teaching staff.  Many companies exist to assist people who are interested with the schools that have openings. Most of the positions require completing a teaching certification, commonly the Professional Teaching Knowledge (PTK) exam or Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), but several positions simply require proficiency in English. Cambodia has one of the lowest cost of living in a very affordable area and usually does not require any certifications to teach.  Living there makes it easy to visit awe-inspiring historical masterpieces like Angkor Wat and the numerous temples dotting the countryside. It is also located in a perfect place to launch further cheap travel throughout Southeast Asia. 

Explore Ireland by Working in Hospitality

The Deal- Home to picturesque landscapes of grand castles nestled in rolling green hills and many of the finest whiskey producers, Ireland is a top destination for many tourists heading to Europe.  With the constant stream of tourism, there are always numerous positions in search of good help, from small countryside inns to bustling restaurants in downtown Dublin.  This is a perfect option for those who would like to work and live abroad but do not want to hassle with learning a new language.

Spend a Summer in Greece or Spain by teaching Swim Lessons

The Deal- Imagine waking up to peaceful mornings spent sipping coffee with a fresh ocean breeze followed by a cool afternoon dip in the beautiful Mediterranean.  Due to the large number of people that flock to the coastal region every summer, several countries cater to their tourist crowds by offering lessons on swimming, diving, and any number of water activities.  They are eager to hire anyone with experience to paddle around and ensure their visitors have a lovely holiday. The good news is that the skills required for being a swim teacher are minimal since the target audience is typically small children. So work on your tan while splashing around in the afternoon and spend the rest of your time enjoying the mesmerizing coast with everything it has to offer!


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