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Bermuda's Beach Escape- Things to know and Travel Tips

Less than a 2-hour flight from New York or a 3-hr flight from Atlanta or Miami lies Bermuda, a British island territory, most famous for its iconic pink sand beaches. Although the island shares many similar characteristics to the Caribbean, the location in the North Atlantic makes it closer to visit.

Check out several things to know before visiting & useful travel tips for planning your stay!

The Pink Beaches

Bermuda's pink beaches live up to the hype! Most of the beaches on the south side of Bermuda have pink sand which come from the red tiny invertebrate which are mixed in with the soft white sand. The shades of pink range between the different beaches, but all are accentuated and especially striking at sunset. The beaches are perfectly complimented by the jagged rock formations and the crystal clear waters. Horseshoe Bay Beach, Warwick Long Bay Beach and Chaplin Bay Beach are three of the best pink sand beaches on the island!


There are a wide variety of hotels available ranging from budget to super luxury, but the prices are fairly high. A great alternative is staying at a beach house from AirBnb like Villa at Cedar Brae. This beautiful property is perfect for group or family travel with four bedrooms that sleeps 12, a private pool, multiple indoor and outdoor dining areas, gardens with a unique lovely moon gate and gorgeous views of the entire bay. It is centrally located near to the Gibb's Hill Lighthouse, walking distance from the famous pink sand beaches, and a close drive to Hamilton.

Historic UNESCO Sites

Brightly colored restaurants and businesses line the streets of Hamilton, the capital city. Visit the beautiful Cathedral of The Most Holy Trinity and climb the tower for a view of the whole town. Another popular spot is the picturesque and historic town of St. George and the associated fortifications around island which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are examples of the earliest English colonial town in the New World.

Activities for any Type of Vacation

While it is easy to spend an entire trip just relaxing at the numerous beaches, there are plenty of other activities to explore. For divers there are several scuba diving companies that offer daily trips to visit some of the famous shipwrecks off the coast. For golfers there are a total of 8 courses in Bermuda- several of which are award-winning and even hosted events like the PGA Grand Slam of Golf. The Blue Hole Park and other grottos in the nature reserve are also unique destinations in Bermuda that still allow visitors to swim and cliff jump into the deep pools surrounded by the forest.

You can't rent a car on the island

The government has restricted rental cars on the island to avoid overcrowding and accidents on the islands winding, narrow roads. Mopeds, bikes and scooters are available to rent though and the positive aspect of the island being so small is that many of the beaches are walking distance from hotels and AirBnbs. Buses and ferries also offer reasonably priced options for getting around the island, but taxis are the best option for longer transits across the island, especially getting to and from the airport. Fair warning that the taxis are fairly expensive and it can be quite disheartening watching the meter quickly climb. If you do require a taxi though, HITCH is the car ordering app to use which offers the ability to pre-order taxis and is convenient because it does not require cash.

Food and Drinks are quite expensive

Due to importing most products on to the island, costs are very high. Even buying food and cooking at home can be almost as expensive as eating at the restaurants, so don't be surprised to see costs nearly doubled for many items in the grocery stores. One plus though is that you can safely drink the tap water on the island.

COVID Testing Requirements- Prior to entering Bermuda, travelers are required to complete a negative COVID test before entry which must be uploaded into the Travel Authorization form. Up to date information on the process can be found on the Government of Bermuda's website here. Upon arrival, everyone receives a red wristband that they are required to wear until they receive the results of their arrival test which is completed in the airport. Before departing, a COVID test is scheduled for you based on your location. The rules are strict, but all of the testing is well-organized and fairly convenient for visitors.

Whether you are looking for an active or a very relaxing vacation, Bermuda is a sunny, scenic, and easily accessible tropical destination. Have fun and enjoy!


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