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Ride or Die

Instead of a car, my first wheels were a motorcycle when I was 15. Since day one I was hooked and am still convinced that bikes are the best mode of transport.  From ATVs to dirt bikes or Vespas to Harleys, it is hard to beat an open road and hitting the throttle. Here are a few favorite experiences around the world worth giving a spin.


Dirt Biking- This is an easy introduction to riding and one of the most fun ways to explore a dirt trail.  While I have yet to achieve the bad-assery levels of the stunt riders in Nitro Circus, this remains one of my favorite activities and methods of exploring a new country.  One of my favorite travel experiences remains dirt biking through a sheep farm, across some small rivers, and up a mountain in Christchurch, New Zealand! 

Motorcycles- By far my favorite mode of transportation, motorcycles are not only fuel efficient they greatly enhance the daily commute.  Nothing quite beats taking a bike out and letting loose on the throttle on an open high way. Starting on crotch rockets, I have eventually graduated up on the engine cc size and style of bike.  Although I would love to burn rubber on a ducati, I am just as happy cruising some beautiful windy roads on a summer afternoon! 

Vespas- Certainly the safest and least exciting of riding options, vespas are still a fun way to cruise around and explore a new destination.  They are readily accessible in most destinations and an extremely convenient alternative to renting a car because you can still split lanes in traffic and make your own parking spot nearly anywhere. 

Four wheelers- Similar to dirt bikes, four wheelers are an absolute blast to go off-roading with and get some adrenaline pumping. From tearing up back corn fields in Ohio to flying down massive sand dunes in the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan, four wheeling is always a blast.  These are slightly easier to operate than dirt bikes, but offer nearly all of the same advantages for traversing any conditions. 


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