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Cliff Jumping

One of the most electrifying and dangerous of activities is cliff diving. Every time I step up to the edge of a cliff and look down, I am simultaneously inextricably drawn to leaping off while also wondering what chromosome I missed that should make me back away.  Perhaps it is the uncertainty of what exactly is below or the quick shot of adrenaline that makes this so enticing, but ever since my first leap into the water off a cliff in West Virginia years ago I have been hooked.  Waterfalls in Australia, cenotes in Mexico, ocean cliffs in Croatia, I am always on the look out for the most scenic places to start the count down and leap off an edge. 

Cost: completely free. Well unless of course there is an injury...

Equipment: none required.  Wearing shoes off the higher jumps is recommended though.

Preparation: Always do the research before jumping or go with locals who know the spot.  If you are not certain about the water depth, take the time to swim down and check before jumping.  If there is any question as to the safety- don't jump! There are plenty of safe and fun spots that it is definitely not worth risking a bad landing. 

Best Locations: Going off waterfalls have definitely been my favorite.  Typically they go into slightly deeper pools and certainly offer a more scenic backdrop. 

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