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Bungy Jumping

Let me start by saying that bungy jumping was never a bucket list item for me.  I liked jumping out of planes and off cliffs, but had absolutely no interest in doing hurling myself off a building and trusting a little elastic cord to catch me.  Yet while visiting Queenstown, Australia I discovered that it was home to the world's first bungy location and I knew I had to go do the jump off the Kawarau Bridge. When I arrived the legendary founder of bungy jumping, AJ Hackett was there giving the Irish Rugby Team a personal tour before they all jumped. At the moment that he walked up and I got to meet him while standing on the ledge, I knew that it was fate (I was there during the Rugby World Cup in 2011 and actually ended up hanging out with the team that night!). 

Even after that first epic jump, I had no real desire to do another until visiting Macau and seeing the world's highest commercial jump.  Again, it was more that I had to do it than that I really wanted to. After that one, the others have never been quite as exhilarating, but I have actually begun to enjoy doing them quite a bit.  After all, why live on the edge when you can jump off?

First Jump
Ugly Christmas Party
Kawaru Bridge NZ
Macau Tower
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